Rebozo Rituals

Different cultures honor the postpartum period, providing women with a sacred space to recover and connect.

In Mexico this 40-day period is known as “cuarentena”, in which the mother receives a “Sealing ceremony” or “cerrada”, marking the end of a significant cycle.

Rebozo massage during pregnancy:

This massage brings comfort, relief, and profound connection with your baby. It helps release lumbar tension and relaxes internal pelvic muscles, providing physical and emotional support. Experience the deep connection with yourself and your baby.

Mexican postpartum Sealing ceremony:

This special «apapacho» provides nurturing support for mothers after the expansive birthing experience.

Through a relaxing massage followed by a herbal bath and the sacred «closing of the bones» or «Cerrada» ceremony, this ritual helps mothers feel contained, process and digest their experiences, and reconnect with their inner wisdom and peace. It also aids in relieving general stress and bringing the internal organs back into place.



  • This massage  helps to bring the internal organs back to their place and to close the hips that open during pregnancy and after childbirth, helping the mother feel more contained.
  • It expands the spine, releases the internal muscles of the pelvis, relieves general stress, and provides emotional support and grounding, helping women feel connected to themselves.

Would you like to experience this soothing ritual?

Rituals come in a special time, when we are called to go beyond words and connect with our inner wisdom.

After this profound experience we will share over a cup of tea and exchange impressions and thoughts to help integrate this moment.

I will be honored to share this space with you. If you are interested email me at or message me directly though the form or WhatsApp.


Most frequent questions and answers

This Ritual has physical benefits during the postpartum phase, however, many mothers want to experience this closure even years later. This ritual can be experiences when you decide so, helping integrate emotional aspects that may need attention.

This ritual takes several hours, we will carefully plan so the baby can receive feeding and attention. It can be performed in the comfort of your home if necessary.

Most certainly! rebozo massage is a wonderful way to relax, this is a soothing apapacho for body and soul and can be received as a birthday present, or any moment that requieres a “closure” and new beginnings.

Traditionally, the “cierre de caderas” is accompanied by a herbal bath, where special plants are selected according to the postpartum needs. This will be optional.

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Weather  you want a Rebozo massage during pregnancy, a Closing of the Bones Ceremony or need to close a cycle, these Rituals are soothing for the body, mind, and soul.


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