Perinatal psychology might be just right for you if:

  • Anxiety and sadness are affecting your well-being during pregnancy or postpartum.
  • You’re experiencing difficulties connecting with your baby and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Fear has taken over your peace of mind, and you find it hard to make decisions.
  • Adapting to the role of motherhood is challenging for you, or you feel disconnected from your partner.
  • If childbirth didn’t go as expected or desired, and if you want to learn more about the psychological changes that occur during this stage and experience a healthier- happier perinatal journey.

Ways in which I may help

The crises that may arise during the perinatal stage require specialized support so that you can receive evidence-based care. I accompany you through doubt, fear, relationship problems, grief, difficulty establishing boundaries, or fostering a secure attachment with your baby. Whatever you’re going through, my non-judgmental support will be focused on your interests and real needs.

Honor your path


BIRTHING LOVINGLY: We believe in the profound influence that pregnancy and the earliest moments of life have on our identity and well-being.

EVIDENCE BASED: we empower the mental health of newborns and their caregivers through evidence-based perinatal mental care.

COMMUNITY: You are not meant to walk this walk alone. Let’s build safe places and return mothers and babies the sacred space they deserve.

POSITIVE IMPACT: We join the United Nations in working towards sustainable development goals, specifically for Education, good health and well-being.

  • In our sessions you will gain understanding of the emotional and biological changes that occur during the perinatal period.
  • Develop a toolbox of coping and supporting techniques that helps you navigate the challenges that arise as new roles and dynamics develop.
  • Explore strategies that support your baby’s healthy development and create a nurturing environment, helping you develop a strong bond.
  • Receive support and guidance for partners, adjust to new roles, and foster effective communication, teamwork, and shared understanding as you embark on this journey as a united front.
  • Self-care is paramount during the perinatal period, but it can often be challenging to prioritize your own needs amidst the demands of parenthood. I will guide you through implementing self-care practices that nurture your well-being.
  • Digest traumatic experiences and heal past or present wounds. TOGETHER we reframe, and re-construct the narrative.

Embracing Your Birth Story: "Healing, Connection, and Empowerment Through Therapeutic Sessions"

There are many factors that can affect a birthing mother. Many births happen differently as expected.

This work is focused in reframing the Story. Finding meaning in the experience and connection with your STRENGTH and INTUITION.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re experiencing profound sadness, extreme fatigue, anxiety, or apathy, or if you find it difficult to enjoy motherhood, you may have postpartum depression. Are you unable to sleep even when your baby is asleep? Do you worry excessively about harming your baby or something happening to them? Don’t wait any longer, and seek professional support.

Each process is unique and tailored to your needs. Initially, we conduct an interview to determine goals and the approach based on our conversation. Sessions typically last about an hour, and there’s plenty of flexibility, as the perinatal stage is a time of change.

NO.  If you feel you might need medication it’s advisable to consult your doctor or a psychiatrist with expertise in the perinatal field. We can assess together whether this is necessary for you.

YES. Online services are offered in English and  Spanish, from the comfort of your home.


Book by e- mailing me at, or fill- out the form. I will get back to you in the next 24 hours.


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