The loving touch, like music, Often utters the things that cannot be spoken.
(Ashley Montagu)

The power of loving touch

A gift that will last a Lifetime

Having a newborn at home is a journey filled with emotions, but also with challenges. Have you ever felt the frustration of seeing your little one cry from colic or struggle to fall asleep? Many parents face these same situations, desperately seeking a way to help their babies and strengthen that special bond that unites them.

Touch, that powerful and marvelous sense, holds the key. But how does it work exactly? And why is it so important? In our infant massage course, you’ll dive into the fascinating world of touch and discover how crucial it is for your baby’s emotional and physical development.

Infant massage is more than just a technique; it’s a profound art that teaches you to read your baby’s subtle cues, connect with your own emotions, and convey love and security through touch. It’s an ancient legacy practiced worldwide, and now you have the opportunity to learn and enjoy it.

I will also share with you a unique technique from the renowned Mexican midwife Naoli Vinaver: “Rolling Babies”. This technique helps restless babies relax and release accumulated tension, offering them a true gift of tranquility and well-being.

Through play and movement, you will develop strategies that help develop baby’s senses and their vestibular system, the foundation of both physical and emotional balance! Because I firmly believe that a balanced baby on the outside is a baby who can find their inner balance.

This course will not only benefit your baby’s physical, neurological, and psychological development but also strengthen the unique bond you share with them. This is also a unique space for care-givers, you will feel welcomed in a cozy, relaxed space created especially for you!

As hands slide through oily tummies we gather, honoring this ancestral knowledge and gifting it to our babies and future generations. Through touch comes understanding and healing. A primitive language that the soul can read well.


  • Form a strong bond while sharing a wellness experience.
  • Ease colicky tummies, relieve gas and constipation.
  • Relieve accumulated tension and decrease stress hormones.
  • Improve sleep patterns and promote relaxation.
  • Reduce pain from teething and ease colds.
  • Increase the production of happy hormones like oxytocin and prolactin.

Feel contained and supported during the postpartum period.

AWAKEN   The senses                    

BUILD baby massage skills

CONNECT with Your intuition  and self- confidence         

JOIN  our private online courses from the comfort of your HOME or face-to-face in BREMEN.



Most frequent questions and answers

Babies are welcomed into the group as young as one month old. Dolls are used to practice if your baby is sleeping.

Research shows that baby massage can be beneficial for pre-term babies. This can be a good space to reconnect with you baby and offer positive touch.

The International Association of Infant Massage recommends the use of organic, cold- pressed oils, free of fragrance.  Feel free to bring your favorite oil.

You will learn different stratergies to adapt baby massage as your child grows. Implementing songs, movement and play will be helpful as your child develops.


Feel free to e-mail me at or send me a whatsApp message to book your course. I will happily answer your questions.


Courses are held FACE-TO-FACE  in BREMEN, as well as ONLINE.


5 SESSIONS. We meet once a week for around 1.5 hours.


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  • Phone: +49 176 43467845
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