A home away from home

Parenting is quite an adventure! Amidst changes, you may discover that your approach to parenting differs from that of your mother or relatives and friends, and the need for  a non-judgmental space where you can remove the mask and speak about what truly concerns you, or what you wish to do differently arises.

Within this space, you will encounter women going through similar processes, all seeking to establish a safe tribe to support one another, fostering sisterhood and reconnecting with our instincts and inherent wisdom.

“This is the ideal place to gain reliable information, warm support, and an International Tribe.”


  • Online from the comfort of your home.
  • Face-to-face in BREMEN.
  • Baby massage group
  • Play Group

Reach out with your needs! I am always adapting the groups to the current International group. This is a warm space to share about birth, postpartum needs, raising a child, and learning from each other.


  • We generate sacred spaces for reflection and promote well-being.
  • Come to an understanding of the emotional and psychological changes that occur during the perinatal period.
  • Learn different uses of Mexican rebozo and baby massage to soothe mothers and babies.
  • Integrate experiences from your unique story.
  • Together we navigate uncertainty and welcome change.


Please reach out through the form with your questions or contact directly through WhatsApp. I’d love to hear from you.

This is a space for you, to honor your path and reclaim the sacredness and tenderness motherhood and childhood deserve.  May you find a space to lift your spirit and be heard.  May all wisdom reach you.

A protected space guided by a PERINATAL AND CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST.


Most frequent questions and answers

We meet once a week is a cozy space, come as you are! we understand time can feel short with a new born baby. We will share some good snacks and activities for your lovely babe.

If you have an older child, let me know before joining the group, this way we can guarantee enough space so you can join with you family.

If you feel like you need specialized support I will be able to offer guidance and resources for you to receive the attention you need. Postpartum is a phase that may require the help of other professionals, such as a lactation consultant for example.

Most times we will meet in a cozy home space where you and your baby will feel at ease! we might meet in a local park once and then to enjoy the summer days.


If you would like to join us reach out to me directly with your needs, I will personally make sure you find the best group for your current situation.



Meeting days

Reach out to find out about the current meetings.


  • Email:
  • Phone: +49 176 4346 7845
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